About Us

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Borderline Surveys Ltd. is owned, operated, and managed by Jason Coates. Since 2016 Borderline Surveys has grown to add several full-time and part-time staff to support his growing business.

Jason grew up in rural Saskatchewan and fell in love with country life. He chose to settle down in the beautiful Peace Region in 2008. As his business has expanded, Jason has had to relocate to allow for bigger operations. Jason has always considered this to be a very good ‘problem’! For Jason, the Peace Country isn’t just a great place to do business, it’s also home.

Jason Coates (A.L.S.) - President

Jason has been involved in land surveying daily since 1994. He attained his Surveying Diploma from SIAST in 1997, back in the "old days" (before GPS). He spent 8 years working between Saskatchewan and Alberta as a field surveyor and casual draftsman before resuming his education. Jason completed his B. Tech Degree (HONORS) in Geomatics at B.C.I.T. from 2006 to 2008, and achieved his A.L.S. Commission in 2012.

Jason worked for businesses both big and small from 2008 to 2014 as he built up his knowledge and experience. He’s always practiced both oilfield and municipal surveys. Jason started, managed, and performed all manner of surveys for Quest Geomatics’ branch office in Fairview from 2014 to 2016 before founding Borderline Surveys in 2016 and Borderline hasn’t looked back since.

What We Believe

Borderline surveys were created in spring 2016 with a different view to professional Land surveying. We believe that a good land surveyor crosses the "borderline" between the rugged front line field surveyor, and the careful, analytical office-bound professional.

We often use the same staff in the field that we do in the office once our staff is on a project, they follow it through wherever it goes. While an unusual business model today, we are merely reinvigorating the successful historic practice of professional Alberta land surveyors. Jason has found this approach gives greater satisfaction for Borderline and our clients.

Being rural-based means we understand what our valuable rural customers need—and what they don’t need. Surveying is expensive, and there’s no reason to pay for a full meal deal when you don’t need it. This can make a difference of thousands of dollars, and we’d rather that stay in your pocket! Turns out, this approach really works for our customers and we’re pleased when we continue to get top ratings for ‘survey companies near me’. We’re always happy to help.

Because we truly care that every person or business gets the service they need, we urge everyone to ensure that the land surveyors you hire are registered to do surveys in Alberta. Hiring registered Alberta Land Surveyors is the only option to get the service, information, and protection you need.

Whether it’s municipal surveys, data collection for engineering design, or remote oil/resource extraction surveys, we have done it all and probably recently. From survey companies Grande Prairie to Fairview and La Crete, we’re here to serve you.

Our Competitive Edge

Our competitive edge as land surveyors is our unique workflow practice. Borderline Surveys has been built from the ground up to leverage Jason's “old school” skills, education, and decades of experience into a streamlined and efficient workflow. Our land surveyor performs all aspects of the field survey, client liaison, calculations, plan checking and invoicing.

This always puts the company's best knowledge and experience to work "on-site" where your projects need it most, rather than tying it up in layers of management. We don't delegate the completion of your project through multiple departments, we just get out there and get it done. In fact, we don't carry a large staff because we simply don't need one due to our streamlined process.

When we show up in your search for ‘survey companies near me’ you can confidently choose Borderline Surveys to get your job done right—without unnecessary fluff or charges. After all, we became land surveyors to survey land, not fill an office.

In our work, we’ve found that there are a few very common questions customers ask us:

Q. How much does it cost for a survey of my land?
A. A survey can mean a lot of different products and services. We do surveys for a variety of reasons and are happy to talk price once we understand exactly what you need.

This always leads us to a few questions of our own:

Q. Who referred you and what’s your project?
A. (We get a lot of referrals from past customers, which always makes our day. But more new customers are also finding us by searching us up online!) As far as the project, surveys can really vary. We do everything from subdivisions to property corner staking (very common) to real property reports.