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A “survey” can have many different shapes, sizes, costs, timelines, and complex criteria. Everybody’s land is situated a bit differently, with different accessibility, features and topography that may affect how we conduct a survey. A survey can therefore have many different costs and obstacles depending upon combinations of the above.

We don’t make assumptions about what you may need or what your ground looks like. Instead, we ask a series of select questions to help to determine how best to serve you. Then we do a bit of research using government land databases. Armed with this background knowledge we give you a call and get straight to intelligent discussion.

The bottom line here? CONTACT US! You’ll get to talk to Jason who will give you:

  • A customized plan
  • Timelines
  • Cost (remember, we always look for the best cost-effective options)
  • Scope of the project

Some survey companies make assumptions about what you need and sell people products that aren’t necessary. With Borderline Surveys Ltd, you’ll get honest pricing for exactly what you need. And if we’re fully booked and we can’t fit your timeframe, we’ll let you know early on. The most important thing to us is you.

Serving the MD of Fairview, Clear Hills County, MD of Peace River, Saddle Hills County, MD of Spirit River, Birch Hills County, MD of Smokey, Northern Lights County, Northern Sunrise County, Mackenzie County, Town of Fairview, Grande Prairie County, and the MD of Greenview and Town of High Level.